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[Official] Mail order and sales of Arita ware, Kisen kiln, and Japanese tableware Shobido main store online shop
[Official] Mail order and sales of Arita ware, Kisen kiln, and Japanese tableware Shobido main store online shop
第120回 有田陶器市2024の基本情報(2024年4月20日更新)

Basic information on Arita Pottery City (created on March 2, 2023)

In this blog, for those who are considering visiting Arita Pottery City , we will introduce information to help you enjoy the event more smoothly, such as how to access Arita Town and recommended ways to get around.

The Arita Ceramic Market is a once-a-year event that is irresistible to pottery lovers, with over 400 shops selling mainly Arita ware, and where you can buy outlet items and bargains at bargain prices.

It feels good to walk through the charming streets of Arita-cho, which has become a pedestrian paradise.

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It feels good to walk along the streets.

■Table of contents

・Arita Pottery Fair event overview・Access・Transportation・Points to consider when considering transportation・Road congestion・Parking・Accommodations・Hotels・Points to consider when planning your schedule・Gourmet・Rest area・Pottery experience, Workshop tour・Attire・Belongings/Delivery

■Arita Pottery City Event Overview

Arita Pottery Fair is the oldest and largest pottery fair in Japan , celebrating its 119th anniversary this year (2023). Approximately 1.2 million people from Japan and abroad will visit.

Click here to learn more about the history of Japan's oldest pottery market, "Arita Pottery City"

The event period is every year April 29th - May 5th 7 days.
Even if there is a holiday before or after the event period, the event period will not be extended.
This year (2023), May 6th and 7th are Saturdays and Sundays, but it will end on May 5th.

During the Arita Pottery Fair period, the approximately 3km stretch of road from JR Arita Station to JR Kamiarita Station becomes a pedestrian paradise , and along the street are lined up with pottery shops, mainly Arita ware. By the way, there are 420 stores listed on the official map for 2023! In reality, there are temporary stores that are not listed on the map, so more stores are opening on the streets.

Many of the stores sell ceramics, but in recent years the number of restaurants has also increased.
In addition to the Uchiyama area, which is now a pedestrian paradise, Arita Sera, where Arita ware specialty stores gather, and various potteries also sell bargain items and hold various events, making the entire Arita town feel like a festival. It's been 7 days.

Photo: Arita Pottery Fair in 2022. The street in front of Shobido main store Nakanohara main store. Rather than a special venue set up, the town street itself is the venue.


"Fukuoka Airport" and "Hakata Station" are located near "Fukuoka City" on the map.

For details such as required time, please see the Arita Pottery City official website "Access"

[For airplanes]
Nagasaki Airport, Saga Airport, and Fukuoka Airport are the three closest airports to Arita Town.
The closest airports to Arita Town are Nagasaki Airport, Saga Airport, and Fukuoka Airport. You can go to Arita Town from either airport by rental car or train (including some buses).

①Nagasaki Airport
It is the closest to Arita Town. (about 1 hour by car)
Traveling from the airport to Arita Town is inconvenient unless you have a car . You need to rent a car from the airport.
*If you use a train instead of a car, you will need to travel from the airport to a JR station and then transfer.

②Saga Airport
The distance to Arita Town is in the middle of the three airports. (About 1 hour and 15 minutes by car)
The problem is that compared to other airports, there are fewer airlines and fewer flights .
By train, take a bus from the airport to JR Saga Station, then take the limited express to Arita Station. (About 1 per hour)

There are also limousine taxis that can be reserved in advance.
Click here for information on limousine taxis

③Fukuoka Airport
The distance from Arita Town is the farthest of the three airports (about 1 hour and 20 minutes by car), but there are plenty of flights from Tokyo, Osaka, and other cities.
From JR Hakata Station, which is two subway stops from the airport, the Limited Express Midori runs (approximately once an hour) and stops at JR Arita Station.
*During the Arita Pottery Market period, there will be a temporary schedule that also stops at JR Kami-Arita Station.

JR Hakata Station → JR Arita Station Travel time: Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes

In addition to airplanes, if you are taking the Shinkansen, you will need to get off at Hakata Station and take the Midori Limited Express or a rental car to Arita Town.

*About express buses There is an express bus bound for Sasebo from Hakata Station Bus Terminal, and it stops at Hasami/Arita IC, but it is about 9 km from this bus stop to Arita Town. There is no public transportation to.
Unless someone comes to pick you up at the bus stop, we do not recommend heading to Arita Town by express bus.

■Points to consider when considering transportation methods

This is a map of Arita Town.
The road marked with a purple marker will become a pedestrian paradise . The pedestrian paradise is approximately 3km long and slopes gently downhill from JR Kami-Arita Station towards JR Arita Station.
It will be easier to understand if you look at this map and read the advantages and disadvantages of cars and public transportation.

[For cars such as rental cars]
・Advantages It is easy to move around because you can put the pottery you have purchased in your car and take it home. There is also a lot of freedom when it comes to visiting tourist spots outside of Arita Town.

・Disadvantages The main venue of Arita Pottery Market is a pedestrian-only road, so if you are driving, you will need to park at a nearby parking lot and make a U-turn at some point to return to the parking lot. Also, depending on the location and time, you may encounter traffic jams.

[For public transportation (train)]
・Advantage There is less loss because there is no need to return to the parking lot. You can get off at JR Kami-Arita Station, walk along the pedestrian street to JR Arita Station, and board a train from Arita Station to travel in any direction. The route from JR Kamiarita Station to JR Arita Station is a gentle downhill route, so it's easy to walk. You don't have to worry about traffic jams.

・Disadvantages: Depending on the amount of shopping, it can be heavy and difficult to transport by train.

*About Arita Town Buses and Taxis Free shuttle buses will operate throughout the town during the Arita Pottery Market. Areas not on the shuttle bus route will be traveled by community bus or taxi.
Community buses run quite infrequently.
Taxis are rarely on the road, so you should call a taxi company and have them pick you up.
Free shuttle buses, community buses, and taxis are not allowed to enter the main area, which is a pedestrian paradise. (9:30am to 4:30pm)

■Road congestion status

Every year, the first day, April 29th, is especially crowded.
Congestion will occur on the general roads heading towards Arita-cho after exiting the Nagasaki Expressway at Takeo/Kitaga IC or Hasami/Arita IC.
If you are coming from the Fukuoka area, you are less likely to encounter traffic jams if you avoid the Nagasaki Expressway and take the Nishi-Kyushu Expressway to the Imari Higashifusho IC and head towards Arita Town on the local road.
In addition to traffic congestion on the roads, parking lots near the pottery market may experience congestion waiting for parking.
If you are driving, please check the traffic information accordingly.

■Parking lot

There are 11 paid parking lots operated by the Arita Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (There are also private parking lots available)
You can check availability for the day on the Arita Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Arita Pottery City official website.

Arita Pottery City official website

The shopping facility "Arita Sera", where the Shobido main store Arita Sera store is located, is equipped with a free parking lot for 800 cars .
Aritasera has 22 ceramic stores , including Shobido Main Store Aritasera, so you can enjoy shopping efficiently.
During the Arita Pottery Fair, free shuttle buses will run from Arita Sera to Arita Station and other areas near the Arita Pottery Fair pedestrian zone.

★Recommended route from Arita Sera★
① Park your car at Arita Sera It's a good idea to look around Arita Sera while checking what you want to buy at the pottery market and what kind of pottery you like.

② Arrive at the pedestrian zone to "Arita Elementary School" by free shuttle bus ↓
③While walking from Kami-Arita Station towards Arita Station, there are shops lined up on both sides of the shopping road, but it is quite difficult to look at each side and make a U-turn! As you walk, look around on both sides to see if you can find a store you like.

④ Return to Arita Sera by shuttle bus from Arita Station ↓
⑤If you couldn't find what you wanted, forgot to buy, souvenirs, etc., do a final check at Arita Sera Arita Sera has a roof, so it's perfect for shopping on rainy days!

Aritasera official website


There are hotels, guesthouses, and guesthouses in Arita Town, but they are small and there are only a small number of them, so if you are considering staying in Arita Town, please book early.

There are lodging facilities near Arita Town in Takeo City, Imari City, Sasebo City, Ureshino City, etc.

・Takeo City (about 20 minutes by JR or car from Arita) ⇒ Hot spring inn Ureshino City (about 30 minutes by car from Arita) ⇒ Hot spring inn Imari City (about 20 minutes by Matsuura Railway or car from Arita) ⇒ Business hotel Center Sasebo City (approx. 30 minutes by JR or car from Arita) ⇒ Business Hotel Huis Ten Bosch is located in the center of Sasebo City.

■Points to consider when considering accommodation and schedule

Arita Pottery Market is a morning event.
Traffic restrictions in the pedestrian paradise, the main venue of Arita Pottery Fair, are from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Most stores open before 9 a.m., and gradually close down after the pedestrian zone closes at 4:30 p.m. Many stores close after 5pm.
Therefore, if you plan to arrive around noon and look around the pottery market, it will be quite a rush, so if you plan to stay the night before and start looking around the pottery market in the morning, you will be able to enjoy Arita pottery fair at your leisure. can.

Also, since Arita Town is a small town, there are not many restaurants in front of the station, and there is no area where restaurants gather. Restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores are scattered throughout the town, so it may be inconvenient if you don't have a car.
If the accommodation you are staying at in Arita Town does not include dinner, we recommend that you research in advance where you can have dinner and the means of transportation to get there.

■Gourmet/rest area

There are restaurants and stalls where you can eat along the pedestrian-friendly road at the main venue of the Arita Pottery Fair.
There will also be several free rest areas with chairs and tables.
However, it can get very crowded at certain times, such as around lunchtime, so we recommend eating and taking a break when you can.

[Restaurant near Shobido main store]
・Japanese restaurant "Kasane" across from Nakanohara store, Italian restaurant "Kumaemon" three doors down
・In Arita Sera Japanese restaurant "Akae", restaurant "Arita House", bakery cafe "Marubun" shop

■Pottery experience, workshop tour

The Arita Tourism Association website has a list of facilities where you can experience pottery and tour workshops.
*Please be sure to contact us in advance as many potteries are closed during the Arita Pottery Fair.

Experience: Ceramics/Outdoors


[Basic clothing]
・Wear comfortable shoes and sneakers → You will be walking a considerable distance.

・We recommend clothes that are easy to move in, pants style for women!
→Sometimes the pottery is placed at a low place, such as at your feet, so you may have to crouch down.

・Hat/Stole → On sunny days, the sun is strong. On days with strong winds, a stall can also protect you from the cold.

・Raincoat → If you walk around with an umbrella on a rainy day, it will be difficult to shop, so a raincoat is recommended.

・Backpack or carry bag → If you buy multiple pottery items, they can get quite heavy. Recommended for transporting pottery to the parking lot or station.

*There is no convenience store within the pedestrian zone of the Arita Pottery Fair main venue! !
Be sure to get everything you need before entering the pedestrian mall.

· cash
→There are stores where cash is the only payment method, and taxis are available. There are two bank and post office ATMs, but they may not be open on holidays. (At Shobido main store, you can use credit cards and various electronic payments such as Paypay.)

· drink
→Vending machines in the venue may be sold out depending on the time.

・Work gloves → Dust may cover the surface of pottery, such as bargain items.

・Sunscreen → Ultraviolet rays are strong on sunny days, so we recommend taking precautions.


Every year, a special space is set up at the Arita Post Office in the pedestrian zone section, where people can buy materials, pack them themselves, and ship them.
(It is unclear at this stage whether similar services will be provided during this year's Arita Pottery Fair.)
Also, many stores accept delivery of items purchased at that store, so if you would like to have the item delivered, please contact the store where you purchased it.
*Shobido main store only accepts delivery of products purchased from us due to damage compensation.

Since it is a small town with a population of 20,000 people, we may cause some inconvenience, but please come and visit Arita Pottery Market, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the town where porcelain was born!

Arita Pottery City Official Website

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