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[Official] Mail order and sales of Arita ware, Kisen kiln, and Japanese tableware Shobido main store online shop
[Official] Mail order and sales of Arita ware, Kisen kiln, and Japanese tableware Shobido main store online shop
by momoco

momoco bear Ryukyu Bingata [Botan]

Size: 6.5cm x 6.5cm x height 11cm / in special box

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¥13,200 (税込)
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ギフト包装(熨斗なし) ギフト包装(熨斗あり)



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製造地Arita Town, Saga Prefecture

Ryukyu Bingata “ Chinen Bingata Research Institute ” × Arita Ware “Shobido Main Store”

"Momoco Bear Ryukyu Bingata [Botan]" is a collaboration work that expresses the patterns of the traditional hand-dyed "Ryukyu Bingata" developed during the Ryukyu Dynasty era on Japan's first porcelain "Arita ware."
The colorful patterns of Ryukyu Bingata are placed on the high-quality Arita ware body.

The peony pattern is a traditional pattern from the Chinen Bingata Research Institute of the Chinen family, one of the three bingata families that flourished during the Ryukyu Dynasty. It is one of the representative patterns of "Ryukyu Bingata", which expresses Okinawa's rich nature and characteristics with vivid colors and designs.
Peonies are known as the "King of Flowers" because of their large, silk-like petals that overlap in layers, and their deep, cone-shaped flowers, symbolizing "status" and "wealth."

The Arita porcelain bear "momoco bear" is an interior collection that conveys the diverse traditional beauty and craftsmanship of Arita porcelain to the present day.
In this work, the brush-wrapped technique is used to create a silk-like high-quality magnetic surface, and the colorful designs of Ryukyu Bingata are placed within the beauty of the blank space.

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▼It is also sold at the online shop operated by the Ryukyu Bingata Promotion and Tradition Consortium.

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