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[Official] Mail order and sales of Arita ware, Kisen kiln, and Japanese tableware Shobido main store online shop
[Official] Mail order and sales of Arita ware, Kisen kiln, and Japanese tableware Shobido main store online shop
by 其泉

Yuikaraksa [Mug] Gold (with lid and SS tea strainer)

Size: Size: Mug: 275ml at full capacity, diameter 8cm x height 8.2cm, lid: diameter 8.5cm x height 2cm, SS tea strainer: diameter 7.5cm x height 7.5cm, width 11cm

Original price ¥9,790 - Original price ¥9,790
Original price
¥9,790 (税込)
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Current price ¥9,790 (税込)


ギフト包装(熨斗なし) ギフト包装(熨斗あり)



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電子レンジ ×
食洗機 手洗い推奨
品番 S-1792C
製造地Arita Town, Saga Prefecture
商品の特性The tea strainer cannot be microwaved/The mug itself has a matte texture with less shine, but the lid has a glossy texture.

``Yuikarakusa'' is a design that captures the essence of the continuous arabesque pattern that surrounds the rim of the Nabeshima clan kiln style, and arranges it beautifully. This series, named ``Yuikarakusa'' because of its lace-like appearance, features carefree arabesques, adorable flowers and fruits, and is decorated with the traditional Japanese colors of asagi, red red, gold, and platinum. Expand with differences. It is a pattern that adds elegance to a wide range of dining scenes.

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This mug is neither too big nor too small, and we aim to create a shape that fits comfortably in your hand and is pleasant to the touch.
The elegant pattern is an arrangement of traditional patterns, and it can also be used for guests.
It will make your break time more gorgeous.

Accessories are available for this mug.

*The following explanation uses images of mugs with the same shape but different designs.

●[Lid] made to match the mug
The lid prevents hot drinks from getting cold, making it ideal for use while working remotely.
Also, when drinking black tea in a tea bag, it is said that simply covering it with a lid and letting it steam will make the tea taste even better.
You can also remove the tea bag with the steam side facing up.
We paid particular attention to the details of the lid so that it has a beautiful form on both the front and back.

-Can also be used as a plate [lid]
The lid can also be used as a plate for small tea sweets or sugar cubes.

- [SS tea strainer] with handle, no need for pot
This stainless steel tea strainer has fine mesh and can filter even the smallest tea leaves. The good thing about it is that it doesn't deform easily and is easy to wash.
You can directly brew green or black tea leaves and enjoy a cup of tea.

*If you do not select "gift wrapping" when ordering, the item will be delivered in simple packaging using Miramat air packing. If you would like a box, please select "Gift Wrapping".

If you would like to place a large order for gifts or campaigns, please contact us.

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