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[Official] Mail order and sales of Arita ware, Kisen kiln, and Japanese tableware Shobido main store online shop
[Official] Mail order and sales of Arita ware, Kisen kiln, and Japanese tableware Shobido main store online shop
by 其泉

Dyed brocade rock flower and bird pattern [wine cup, large]

Size: Diameter 7cm x height 15cm

Original price ¥13,200 - Original price ¥13,200
Original price
¥13,200 (税込)
¥13,200 - ¥13,200
Current price ¥13,200 (税込)


ギフト包装(熨斗なし) ギフト包装(熨斗あり)



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電子レンジ ×
食洗機 手洗い推奨
品番 S-3376
製造地Arita Town, Saga Prefecture
Arita ware is the first porcelain created in Japan. Its characteristics are the white porcelain base and the variety of decorations, including emotional dyeing and beautiful colored paintings. In the 17th century, pottery produced in Arita was exported to Europe from Imari Port by the Dutch East India Company. Arita ware, which was called "Imari" and fascinated royalty and aristocrats, eventually became an object of admiration and had a great influence on Western porcelain culture. The pattern from that time was called the Ko-Imari style, and it is still highly supported by enthusiasts all over the world.

The ``Old Imari Wine Collection'' wine cup, which has a kinrande style with brightly colored illustrations and gold accents, won the grand prize in the ``Attractive Japanese Souvenir Contest 2010'' sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and Japan Tourism Agency, and won the Luxury Japan category. Received the gold medal.

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